Sounds like you? It doesn't need to be a book. A blog or a website, perhaps? Or, it could be any kind of content that is relevant to your business.

Fret not! I can make your business look good. A content makeover makes your website/blog pretty for search engines and valuable for end users, increasing your return on investment when combined with appropriate marketing techniques.

Here's a simple five step checklist that will help you understand if your content needs improvement -

* Is your content optimized for search engines? Write for the readers, NOT for search engines to ensure good landing page relevance and search engine ranking. Say no black hat SEO or keyword stuffing!

* Are users able to find everything they're looking for? Let's say you're selling socks {everyone needs 'em, right?}. Think about what all you need to know before buying a pair of socks - material, length, wash and care instructions, average shipping time, shipping costs, and so on.

* Have you researched your target audience? Your target audience can be grouped by demographics, psychographic, or life stage analysis, depending on the product or services you're selling. Are you taking this into account before writing content? A married couple in their 20s wants different things than an unmarried couple in their 30s. It's a simple rule, but one that gets missed out often.

* Are you giving your readers textual diarrhea? Too much of text is NOT a good thing!

* Did you hire an expert to do the writing or did you trust it to your web designer/assistant/neighborhood kid? Don't underestimate the power of great content! Just like you wouldn't dismantle your iPhone on your own, don't trust the task writing for a business you've established with your blood, sweat, and tears to someone who doesn't know what they're doing.

Questions? Send me an email at khushboo[at]walnutwriting[dot]com.

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